Avery {Mountain House, CA Children’s Photographer}

Ok guys! Get ready for some serious handsomeness overload! Meet Avery. A very VERY smart, handsome, funny 6 year old who (he doesn’t know this yet) will be marrying my daughter. Ok ok maybe not BUT his parents are in for it when he gets older let me tell you! I asked his momma, one of my best friends, if he’d be up for a little mini shoot the other day. I’ve been dying to get this kid in front of my camera since they moved back to Mountain House over a year ago and, well, you know how time just escapes you! It was finally (finally!!) a warm, beautiful, sunny day in our tiny little California town so we headed out to one of my favorite open fields to get a few pictures and I’ll say this kid totally rocked the shots!! Between his charming little smile and the crazy gorgeous light, we had one perfect unexpected mini session that yielded some of my favorite pictures to date! I even got a shot of Ava and Avery (see what I mean, how cute would those wedding invitations be!?) holding hands which I’ll hang on too for their wedding date……hehe. Enjoy!!


I loved this color and the black and white so much I had to share both!!

See what I mean about the light!! Swoon!!

Something about this says Frank Sinatra…..no?

His beautiful Mama! She is literally one of the BEST moms I’ve ever met. Avery is a very lucky little boy to have her.

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