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beautiful fall family portrait in pleasanton

If you were to look up “Best Fall Outfit for my Fall Mini Session”, I’m pretty sure this is what you would find which is exactly why I titled this post A Fall Inspired Mini Session. I can tell you this, if I ever do a fall mini session of my own, I’m hiring Elaine to style my family because she is SO GOOD AT IT!

Last Fall was my second time photographing this beautiful family; check out their first mini session here. It’s so fun to see little ones completely change in a two year period. Their personality is different and they’ve grown SO much! Sometimes they’re more shy and sometimes less so. The great thing about photography is you can capture exactly who they are in a simple picture. You’ll look back at these 20 years from now and see an expression that I caught and you’ll remember exactly who he/she was at that time in their life. The memories, the way you felt, everything all comes right back just by a simple picture. It’s really pretty amazing and why I love what I do so much.

Another mom recently told me that although she doesn’t love having her pictures taken, now being able to look back a year ago at her babies made her realize why it’s so important.

And yes we have amazing iphone cameras these days and they capture the everyday, sure. But sometimes it’s nice to get fancied up and have someone else hold the camera, capturing the loving moments of you snuggling up to your babies before, in a blink of an eye, they are off to college or life.

Thank you Patel Family for allowing me to capture these memories for you.

family portrait of mom dad and daughter for mini sessionportrait of little girl in blue top and faux fur vest at mini sessionlittle girl sitting in gold chair wearing faux fur vest, blue skirt and bootsI absolutely love this moment between mom and daughter. She was just quickly fixing her hair but it was perfect moment.mama fixing daughters hair during fall mini sessionSnuggle your babies!! No really, during your session, play with your kids, snuggle them, kiss them, swing them around. Not all perfect portraits are posed. daughter bear hugging her mom during mini session in pleasantonlittle girl holding her mom smiling at the cameradaddy holding daughter wearing blueOk, how stinkin cute is this?! She loves her Daddy! daughter giving daddy kisses at Pleasanton mini sessionmom and daughter laughingmom and daughter holding hands while walking during mini sessionIf you look back at her first session, she did this in the street so we tried re-creating it here and it worked!daughter looking back as she walks with her mom in PleasantonDon’t forget to book your Fall Family Mini Session soon!

You can find all the details HERE!

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