Rain in Disneyland and California Adventure

Our springtime trip to Disneyland and California Adventure was definitely one for the books! There was a weird mixture of rain, sun, cold, warm, cloudy skies, clear skies. The weather couldn’t decide what it wanted to do at any particular moment. Everyone told me ahead of time, Disneyland in the rain is SO MUCH FUN, you wear a poncho and it’s AWESOME….. ok, it’s not. Let’s just be clear here. Disneyland in the rain is NOT fun. Maybe I’m not diehard enough, I don’t know but what I DO know, is I will skip the rain, thank you very much. However, when it wasn’t raining, it was, of course, Disney-mazing.

Ok, so we go to Disneyland at least once a year and somehow I have never been on that canoe ride. Actually let’s be real, I’ve never been on the ride because I’m terrified of someone tipping the boat and falling in that mucky water and a Disney shark eating me. However, this time I wanted to put my big girl panties on and get on the ride I was so terrified of because, YOLO. But, I was starving by the time we got there I just wanted food so bad and I was hangry AF that all I could think about with each and every stroke was CAN WE ALL COLLECTIVELY ROW HARDER…..I’M FREAKING HUNGRY PEOPLE! So I don’t remember much except that when we got on the ride and started rowing, the guide said it was a 45 minute ride and I almost died. But then I realized he was going to do jokes the whole time and I just needed to PUSH! I got a churro the minute we got off…..

Now I have to wonder if regular visitors have never been on a ride at Disneyland or CA Adventures?! If you’ve actually read to this point, comment below with what ride you’ve never been on and why. OR if you’ve been on all the rides, what’s your favorite ride? Let’s also talk about our favorite Disneyland food. I’m hungry and I need to know where to go on our next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Also, if you want a fun Disney food insta to follow, check out DisneyHungry

Check out our last trip to Disneyland during Christmas when the park was all decked out in Christmas attire here!

Adventure Sign in Disneys California AdventurePixar Pier Sign in Disneys California AdventureSubway Mania area on Pixar PierPalm Tree in the Clouds at California AdventureColorful ferris wheel in California AdventureIncredicoaster ride during take offIncredicoaster going into the tunnelBig top at California AdventureFamily walking at California AdventureMidway Mania Sign in California AdventureView of the water at California AdventureFamily having fun at California AdventureMouse atop Disneylands Dumbo rideGirl smiling big with mickey ears on at DisneylandGirl riding dumbo ride at DisneylandCousins riding the Dubmo ride in DisneylandMatterhorn from FantasylandCastle inside StorylandVillage inside StorylandCousins riding the canoe ride at DisneylandFront view of the haunted Mansion in DisneylandView of the Mark Twain Riverboat from Tarzans treehouseelephants inside the jubgle cruisethe drop off of splash mountain in disneylandcharacters inside pirates of the caribbean ride at disneylandmarching band performing during the disneyland parade

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