I'm Sarah! California girl, born and raised in both Northern and Southern California. I'm a mama to a BEAUTIFUL 10 year old who recently turned me into a dance mom and I'm married to my best friend, a retired World Champion gymnast and Cirque performer who currently coaches acrobatics....meaning I could talk gymnastics ALL day if that's your thing! Together we have two crazy little fur puppies, Max McGruff, a Morkie and Zoe Lemon, a Chiweenie (yes from my favorite show, Hart of Dixie....) :) 

My photography style is simple, natural and timeless. I want to make sure the portraits I produce today will still look amazing 20 years from now so I stay away from many fads that come and go. Instead, I focus on capturing genuine emotions and beautiful, honest connections….in gorgeous light of course! I'm a super easy going, simple kinda girl. I won't deny my obsession with gold everything, definitely an unhealthy love affair for shoes and I would be perfectly content eating only pizza and drinking loads of coffee all day everyday if my skin didn't start looking like the pizza I'm eating. I LOVE interior design and being creative with my home but I can’t craft for the life of me. Hand me a crafty project and I promise you it’ll end up looking like a 5 year old did it. I love baking but loathe cooking. I mean who wouldn't rather have a melt in your mouth piece of cake over chicken, amiright?!  Most importantly, I truly LOVE being a photographer. The thought that I’m freezing a moment in time and creating something you will treasure for a lifetime is such an amazing feeling for me.

My love for photography has been a part of me since I was little (I can't even tell you how many disposable cameras I've purchased) but never as so deeply as when I had my little girl. The moments were passing SO fast and I realized the only way to stop time was to photograph it. I would be truly honored to capture these moments for you.  ~Sarah